Daily Gamily News – 21/03/13

March 21, 2013

  • NEWS: EA has green lit the hype machine for Battlefield 4. An official teaser website has popped up, and though it does not reveal much, it promises more to come on 27 March.
  • NEWS: Eidos Montreal and Australia’s Straight Right have formally announced Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director’s Cut for Wii U. The press release details a number of additions and changes to the core game built around providing the “definitive” experience. For starters, the Director’s Cut will include all DLC and bonus content bundled into the one package and integrated into mission structure. That means The Missing Link, a stand alone side story to the main game, will now be integrated into its logical position during the core narrative. The main game’s engine too has been update to include rendering enhancements included in The Missing Link. Wii U specific enhancements include Miiverse integration for taking notes, recording audio, and more, along with touch pad controls for terminals and networks, as well as a “scan” mode that uses the GamePad as a special visor. On the gameplay front, complaints of the original’s poor boss fights have been heard, and thus slightly redesigned to better accommodate the wider range of play styles, including the ability to take down all bosses without firing a shot from a weapon. The Director’s Cut will also include eight hours worth of developer commentary spread across the game, and a forty five minute “Making Of” documentary. The game is set to launch on Wii U later this year.
  • VIDEO: Part two of the Star Trek: The Video Game documentary is available for viewing. So view it.

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  • NEWS: WayForward has spilled the goods on Mighty Switch Force! 2 for Nintendo 3DS. Sequel to the popular Mighty Switch Force!, the sequel has Patricia Wagon return, this time as a firefighter, making her way through flame themed levels to solve puzzle and rescue babes. Though a date has yet to be announced, WayForward has promised Australians will see it on the 3DS eShop.
  • NEWS: Awhile ago we said Carmageddon was coming back. It still is, but even bigger than before. Thanks to a $3.5 million investment, Stainless Games now has the opportunity to turn Carmageddon: Reincarnation into a fully fledged next generation title.
  • VIDEO: Want to know more about BioShock Infinite‘s Elizabeth? Watch this.

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