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Batman: The Telltale Series Experiencing Major Issues on PC

Apparently Batman: The Telltale Series, released yesterday, is currently suffering a myriad of issues on PC. Caped crusader fans have been flooding the game’s Steam page reporting that the first instalment in the episodic game series has been plagued by glitches, even when playing at the lowest possible settings. These include an issue where the controller layout buttons are incorrectly mapped, the cursor getting stuck in a section of the screen, the framerate dropping to an abysmal 10 FPS and countless audio syncing and graphical bugs.

Telltale have responded to fan complaints by updating the game’s “About” section on Steam to state that players “may need to update the graphics card drivers to the latest available. If you are using a laptop, please use your dedicated graphics and not intel integrated graphics.

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They also have just released the following statement:

We are aware that some users have experienced performance issues with BATMAN – The Telltale Series on Steam when playing on PC. Investigations indicate that many of these issues appear to have been due to running the game on integrated graphics cards rather than dedicated, or were the result of out of date drivers. Special thanks to those in the community who have already helped others resolve these issues before a patch could go live.

A patch was released yesterday to help address performance on PC. This new patch:

  • Automatically defaults the game to run on dedicated graphics card
  • Adds graphics settings to enable selection of Higher Performance Textures or Higher Quality Textures (please select Higher Performance if performance is an issue)

Please also be sure that your drivers are up to date before running the game.

Remember, this Steam release currently supports PC only, and we anticipate a launch of the Mac version very soon.

We thank you for your patience. We will continue to investigate any performance reports as they appear, and will update here accordingly.

– Telltale Games


Speculation about the cause of these issues seems to be targeting Telltale’s new game engine as the reason behind all of this strife, as this is the main difference between Batman: The Telltale Series and Telltale’s previous games, which used their increasingly aging engine.

Hopefully these problems will be patched out as soon as possible and fans can get back to immersing themselves in a world where a grown man wearing his underoos and punching out criminals barely garners a raising of the eyebrows.

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