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Telltale to Introduce Multiplayer to Their Games

Starting with their upcoming Batman title, Telltale Games will be introducing multiplayer to their games, revealing the news at San Diego Comic Con this week.

Dubbed “Crowd Play”, the functionality will differ from traditional multiplayer in that it won’t allow two or more people to play through the game simultaneously; instead, Telltale are aiming to allow gamers to let others assist them in making decisions that inform the narrative of their games.

Crowd Play will feature two modes, one that lets the crowd vote upon how they want the branching narrative to play out and another that leaves the ultimate choice in the hands of the player, letting them override the audience’s decisions if they don’t agree.


Choices will be voted upon and tallied live as percentages and viewers can also give a thumbs up or thumbs down depending on their satisfaction with the player’s choices. As always, the recap at the end of the game will show how other players tackled major decisions but there will also be new stats pertaining to the voting system implemented.

Currently this approach isn’t considered viable for streamers, which is a bit of a letdown, but Telltale aims to rectify this as latency becomes less of a concern as technology progresses. Looking like it’s currently focusing on large scale events to allow crowd participation, the potential is definitely there for this to be a literal game changer but it remains to be seen how effective this mode is during its infancy.

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