ANNO 2205 Ultimate Edition Out Now

October 28, 2016

Anno 2205 ultimate edition is now available. Anno 2205, a strategy game that puts you in the future as you join humankind’s next step to conquer Earth and beyond, launched in November 2015. Since its launch there have been three DLC packs: Tundra, Orbit and Frontiers. Now for a bundle price of $45.95USD on Steam, you can own the Anno 2205 ultimate edition which includes all DLC and allows space travel, including building a city on the moon.

Check out the Anno 2205 ultimate edition launch trailer below:


As mentioned, Anno 2205 Ultimate Edition includes:

  • Tundra: released in February 2016, the desolated Vanha Plains including new resources and quests to improve your metropolises
  • Orbit: released in July 2016, a space expansion allowing a fully modular space station
  • Frontiers: the final DLC released in October 2016, unveils the synthetics – a new faction of robots made by man

To purchase Anno 2205 Ultimate Edition head to Steam now.