A New Mario Golf: Super Rush Trailer Is Here

May 18, 2021

Nintendo and Mario have had a long history with sports games. While there have been a few other games over the years, they’ve largely settled into tennis and golf as their two main sports. Following Nintendo’s recent pattern of short announcement to release times, Mario Golf: Super Rush was only announced recently and will be available next month. Now, as we inch closer to that release, a new five minute trailer has been released for the game.

The new Mario Golf: Super Rush trailer gives us a glimpse at a variety of different elements of the game. We get another look at the game’s Speed Golf mode, giving us more insight into how it works and the special abilities that can be triggered as your play. We also got more of a look at the games campaign mode, which will see you play as a Mii.

There was also some brand new information, like the game’s Battle Mode, which will have you and other players competing to complete 9 holes of golf; all of which are available at the same time. There are also plenty of hazards and items to use, giving you the chance to mess with your opponents. The trailer also showed off a couple more characters we can expect to see in the game, with both Pauline and King Bob-omb confirmed.

Mario Golf: Super Rush releases exclusive for Nintendo Switch on June 25. For more information, check the official website.