Rumour: A Switch Pro Is Coming This Year

March 25, 2021

Rumours of a possible Switch Pro first appeared early last year, when it was reported that Nintendo was working on a new, more powerful Switch revision. Nothing was seen of it, however, as the coronavirus pandemic swept the world and plans were shifted and altered by just about every company imaginable. Now, it looks like we’re once again in the realm of a Switch Pro, with rumours pointing to a 2021 release.

These rumours come from Bloomberg writer Takashi Mochizuki, who has a proven track record thanks to his solid sources in the manufacturing and supply chains used by many companies. Last year’s rumours were somewhat vague, but this year’s are much more detailed. The report indicates that the Switch Pro will feature a 7” 720p OLED display (up from the 6.2” LCD display on the Switch), a better CPU, more RAM, and most importantly, 4K support in docked mode via DLSS.

Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) is an nVidia technology that used AI to upscale images from lower resolutions. Don’t think or this as the same upscaling your TV would do, as this goes far beyond a simple upscaling. So far, this technology has only been implemented in a relatively small number of PC titles, but it’s proven to be a massive performance booster for games. In this instance, it would likely allow the Switch Pro to render games at 720p-1080p, before boosting them to a 4K resolution.

Finally, there are also rumours indicating that Nintendo are looking to support the Switch Pro (and regular Switch for that matter) with a super strong lineup of unannounced games this year. This comes at the same time that rumours indicate Nintendo are targeting a record year for software sales this coming financial year. Given Nintendo have nothing with a solid release date beyond July’s Mario Golf : Super Rush it’s clear that they have something up their sleeves.