World of Final Fantasy CE Revealed and New Trailer

July 24, 2016

Square-Enix have announced three new editions of World of Final Fantsy that will be released at launch, via the PlayStation Blog, along with a brand new trailer welcoming you to the world of Grymoire. The trailer also showcases some of the mechanics that set World of Final Fantasy apart from other Final Fantasy games before it, including the monster capture and size change mechanics.



When the game launches on October 25th, you will have a selection of 3 different editions to purchase on PlayStation 4 (Day One Edition, Limited Edition and Collector’s Edition), whereas if your preference is to buy World of Final Fantasy on the PlayStation Vita, you will only be able to pick up the Day One Edition.

world of final fantasy day one edition

The World of Final Fantasy Day One Edition for PlayStation 4 and Vita comes with a selection of additional DLC items, including a Sephiroth summon, White Chocobo and Japanese voice over DLC.


world of final fantasy limited edition

The World of Final Fantasy Limited Edition for PlayStation 4 comes with the same DLC as the Day One Edition, but also included edition artbook.


world of final fantasy collector's edition

The big daddy of the three is the World of Final Fantasy Collector’s Edition for PlayStation 4. It comes with everything from the previous 2 editions, but also includes the OST, a set of three mini figures of main characters of Final Fantasy of the past and a big story book case to hold it all in. The story book case also pops open to a diorama showing off the new main characters and various others.

There is currently no confirmation on where and how Australians can purchase these myriad editions, but I think it’s safe to say that all of them will come to Australia at launch on October 25th, with a couple of them potentially becoming EB Games Exclusive editions.