Watch Dogs 3 leaked ahead of E3

June 4, 2019

Amazon UK has leaked Watch Dogs Legion, the third game in the Watch Dogs franchise from Ubisoft.

The listing states Watch Dogs Legion will be set in a “near-future, dystopian version of London”. Post-Brexit, players will explore a world where society, politics and technology have “changed and altered London’s fortunes”.

The listing also states players will be able to take control of any NPC they meet in the game. All characters will feature a full set of animations, voice overs and traits. It definitely sounds like a very ambitious project for Ubisoft.

Kotaku writer Jason Schreier has reported that he too has heard of the game’s settings and gameplay functions. Schreier also mentioned the game’s ambitions have been causing the developers some headaches behind the scenes and may have even led to at least one internal delay.

With E3 only days away, it’s expected Ubisoft will officially announce Watch Dogs Legion during their press conference.