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Sniper Elite 4 Gameplay Trailer Reveals Hitler Assassination Mission

Sniper Elite 4 has been afforded its debut gameplay trailer, highlighting the combination of stealth and brutal assaults at your disposal that will be necessary if you wish to survive the combat ravaged WW2 Italian environment.

As an extra bonus, the trailer also offers a glimpse at an exclusive campaign mission available to all those who pre-order the game – TARGET FÜHRER, where your target is obviously ol’ Hitler himself.

A return to the classic Hitler assassination missions of the previous instalments, TARGET FÜHRER will see players infiltrating a covert U-Boat facility in order to take out its base commander.

Upon arriving, however, you find that your target is already dead and your mission has changed to taking down Adolf and his tiny snot mop once and for all.

Check out the trailer below:

SNIPER ELITE 4 is now available for pre-order digitally and at retail on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC from www.sniperelite4.com

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