Watch Dogs: Bad Blood

October 12, 2014

Mobile phones can do all kinds of crazy things now. Browsing the web, posting to Facebook, tweeting, Instagramming, writing entire video game reviews, hacking overreaching government surveillance systems and so on. Okay, well, maybe not quite that last one, unless you happen to be living in the world of Watch_Dogs

While the original game may not have quite lived up to the hype of presenting a vision of the future in the post-Snowden era, it was an enjoyable enough open-world romp with some unique twists. Bad Blood expands on some of the things that made the game unique and offers a tighter and perhaps more interesting story on top.


Taking place roughly a year after the events of the original game, Bad Blood centres on Ray “T-Bone” Grady, part of the team that built the CTOS system. Ray has some skeletons in his closet, mostly due to being responsible for the deaths of eleven people during a blackout that he caused to show Chicago the true dangers of the CTOS system. Now, he’s decided its time to leave the city once and for all, but when an old friend is kidnapped, T-Bone has to go and rescue him, and things start to get complicated.

If you enjoyed the hacking and shooting of the main game, then Bad Blood will satisfy. It offers ten new story missions, and many of the issues with the game have been either fixed or avoided here. T-Bone also brings a new ability to the game, with his remote-controlled robot Eugene. Eugene functions like a controllable, moveable security camera, and anything you can do via a camera can be done through it. Its best feature is the ability to zap guards at close range, allowing the silent clearing of entire rooms without detection.


There’s also a series of online co-op missions that mostly revolve around clearing areas to find a particular target and killing them. These aren’t relevant to the story at all, but add an extra multiplayer aspect to a game that has interesting but limited multiplayer options.

If you’ve bought the season pass, then Bad Blood is already available to you, and you should go check it out. If you don’t, then getting it depends on how much you enjoyed Watch_Dogs and whether or not you’re up for another few hours of that. I personally found myself more interested in T-Bone’s story than I ever was in Aiden’s, so that alone made it worthwhile to me.

(And yes, I really did write this review entirely on my phone.)


T-Bone is pretty great
Tighter mission structure leads to better storytelling


Mission checkpoints are still infuriating
New online modes aren't especially exciting

Overall Score: