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New Ever Oasis Trailer Ahead of Saturday Launch

new Ever Oasis trailer
new Ever Oasis trailer

Nintendo has just unveiled a new Ever Oasis trailer to coincide with the game’s launch. The trailer shows what to expect in terms of gameplay, as well as some of its story. If you’re wondering why it looks similar to Legend of Zelda, then that’s because it’s developed by Grezzo, the studio responsible for some of the Legend of Zelda remakes that have made their way to the Nintendo 3DS handheld console.

Ever Oasis looks to include everything you want from a RPG. It begins with a small oasis, which you then have to expand by completing quests which allows you to recruit allies. The bigger your Oasis, the more visitors it will attract and the more successful it will become. With lots of dungeons and locations to discover, Ever Oasis is shaping up to be a grand new RPG, and possibly a successful franchise for years to come.

Check out the official new Ever Oasis trailer below:


If you liked the new Ever Oasis trailer then you’ll be happy to hear it launches tomrorrow, June 24, 2017 here in Australia exclusively for Nintendo 3DS. For more information, head to Nintendo’s official Ever Oasis website here.

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