Mass Effect 3: Retaliation announced

October 5, 2012

First Resurgence, then Rebellion, followed by Earth, and now Retaliation. BioWare has today announced a fourth Mass Effect 3 multiplayer expansion pack, titled Retaliation, and it’s introducing a familiar old foe to the battlefield.

Retaliation is all about buffing enemy forces. At the forefront of this is the Collectors, Mass Effect 2‘s primary antagonistic force now being added as an opposing faction to Mass Effect 3‘s hoard based multiplayer. Offering a unique opposing play style, the Collector army in Mass Effect 3 will be made up of these units:

  • Collector Trooper
  • Collector Captain
  • Praetorian
  • Scion
  • Abomination

In addition to these units, both the existing Cerberus and Geth factions will receive a unit buff. The former is getting something called the Dragoon, while the latter will be buffed with ‘new drones’. Details on both, and whether or not the Reapers will receive a unit buff, are unknown. We’re also hoping for a Harbinger cameo in the Collectors for “Assuming direct control”.

And it doesn’t end there. To make your battles even more difficult, Retaliation introduces ‘hazard’ variables to existing maps. These variables booster maps with changes aimed at making fights that little bit more interesting, and include lightning storms, meltdowns, insect swarms, sandstorms, acid traps, and something called a whiteout.

Retaliation won’t just buff enemies though. Players can also look forward to a handful of new goodies in their end. New classes include the Turian Havoc Soldier, and Turian Ghost Infiltrator. Going by the art, one or both of these has a neat jet pack. BioWare is promising Retaliation includes more than these two classes, and though is keeping the rest a secret, accidentally let slip the Krogan Shaman.

Then there’s equipment. Along with the Collector faction, players can unlock and use a Collector Assault Rifle, Collector Submachine Gun, and Collector Snipe Rifle. Each of these, as well as existing weapons, can be enhanced with the newly added explosive, phasic and drill ammunition types. New load-out gear includes the medi-gel transmitter, armoured compartments, responder load-out, survivor load-out, and assault loud-out. How these enhance your characters is a mystery for now.

We’re almost done. As a final addition, Retaliation will add in an assortment of ‘challenges’, tied into profile customisation. Not unlike achievements, challenges task with working towards point scores with mini-objectives in mind, such as earning X amount of points with Y weapon, or Z class. Completing challenges will earn players challenge points, which can be spent on customising their in-game player profile with special titles, backgrounds, logos and more. All of this will be displayed in each round lobby, proving to other players that you are, indeed, the greatest soldier in the galaxy.

BioWare is billing this as their biggest multiplayer expansion pack yet, and they wouldn’t be wrong. Retaliation is aiming to launch on Xbox 360 and PC on 9 October, and 10 October for PS3. The price? Like the past packs, 100% free. Not too shabby!

Check out the trailer for Retaliation below, as it showcases the Collector enemy force, as well as the new weapons and Turian class.

[youtube id=”dZqwuHFIgIA” width=”600″ height=”350″]