Fuse formally re-revealed

September 13, 2012

You once knew it as Overstrike, and now you will know it as Fuse. After much waiting, Insomniac Games has finally pulled the curtain back to formally reveal their four player co-op action game, built in collaboration with EA Games.

Revealed over on the official website, Fuse promises to allow four friends to team up and play through a campaign revolving around mysterious alien technology and paramilitary bad dudes. Each player takes on the role of one of four unique ‘Overstrike 9’ operatives:

  • Dalton, a military grunt equipped with an energy shield.
  • Izzy, armed with crystallising bullets and healing powers.
  • Jacob, a smoother operator who can pin enemies to walls with a crossbow.
  • Naya. She goes invisible, shoots singularities, and kicks butt.

Each operative is enhanced with a skill tree, customisable through earned XP. Encouraging teamwork, Fuse rewards greater XP for players that combine powers and abilities to take down opponents. Skilful cooperation will reward the entire team with ‘fuse mode’, further enhancing weapons and powers for maximum damage.

Fuse is aiming to launch on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 sometime next year. Insomniac is promising a debut trailer soon.