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E3 2017: Hugely Stylish Game The Last Night Revealed

E3 press conferences have long been the place for surprises to be revealed and super-cool looking Indie games to get some of the limelight that they deserve. This year’s Xbox press conference is no difference, with indie game The Last Night getting a reveal trailer and looking fantastic.

The Last Night is a 2D cyberpunk open-world game that is full of style and action. The game features four distinct, each with distinct architecture, cultures and industries. You’ll experience action and infiltration as you travel throughout the world and experience the story filled with deep and complex characters. The game promises a branching story filled with meaningful conversation and varied gameplay such as hacking droids, flying drones and driving down epic highways.

The Last Night will launch on PC via Steam and Windows 10 and Xbox One in 2018. In the meantime, check out the amazing trailer below.


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