Daily Gaming News – 21/12/12

December 21, 2012

This is it. The end has finally arrived.

The end of high prices!

  • NEWS: The yearly Steam sale has now begun at the Steam store, with some cracker prices already up. For instance, you can find the entire Prince of Persia franchise for US $12.24, Scribblenauts Unlimited for US $33.33 and THQ’s Entire Collection for US $24.99. Get on it!
  • NEWS: Wii U’s TVii service is now live in North America, although there’s no news on when the service might be coming to Australia. Given the paucity of good online video streaming and rental services here, it might be a long time.
  • NEWS: CinemaBlend have the North American release details for the new Star Trek game, including its box art and pre-order incentives. Joystiq also have the scoop on the game’s release date, which isĀ  23 April, 2013 in America, not long before the release of the latest movie, Star Trek Into Darkness. Hopefully Australian details will soon surface for local Trekkies like me!
  • NEWS: Final Fantasy IV is now available on the iTunes Store, for the, shall we say, ‘premium’ price of AU $16.99. It’s a HD port of the DS version, which means 3D models and voices.
  • NEWS: Not only that, but some of Square-Enix’s other games like The World Ends With You Solo Remix have gone on sale for er… slightly cheaper prices. You can check them out on their website.
  • NEWS: Disney Interactive have also released on the iTunes Store and Google Play Store, Where’s My Holiday?, a crossover title between Where’s My Water? and Where’s My Perry? It’s free, and has six levels for budding puzzle fans
  • NEWS: Back to Square-Enix, in this launch trailer for the iOS Final Fantasy IV, more games are promised for mobile platforms, including Final Fantasy V (yay?) but perhaps we can hope for Final Fantasy VI (yay!).

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