Are Xbox One Consoles Being Discontinued In The USA?

July 10, 2020

As we get closer to and then move in to the next generation of consoles we get closer and closer to something: the discontinuation of current generation consoles. With a new product to support and retail space being limited, older consoles will eventually be killed off entirely in favour of dedicating all of a company’s time and all of a retail store’s space to new hardware. Sometimes this comes quickly, sometimes it comes slow, and we’re never really sure what direction a company will go in until we’re right there. However, it’s starting to looking like standalone Xbox One consoles might be getting discontinued in the USA according to rumours that popped up overnight.

While this is squarely in the rumour category for now, it comes as multiple people online have noticed online listings of the standalone Xbox One consoles all selling out across the board. What could really sell the rumour however, is a Target employee on Reddit posting that he’s noticed that every single Xbox One consoles that the USA company would normally carry has been marked as discontinued.

Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the console is getting completely discontinued, but it does certainly point towards the beginning of the end. Xbox might be gearing up for some new Xbox One bundles that will replace all of the existing SKUs they’ve used in the last, but a platform wide wipe implies that they’re slimming down the offerings at the very least.

While we certainly hope the Xbox One isn’t being discontinued yet, given there is still plenty of time for games to come out for it, it wouldn’t be completely out of the realm of possibility. Given Xbox’s history of quickly shifting gears away from old platforms, we wouldn’t be surprised if Xbox One’s quickly becomes a thing of the past. At the very least, these rumours are pointing towards the end being closer than we might have thought.