Zynga buys Draw Something developer OMGPOP

March 22, 2012

In a move that continues its apparent drive to own the entire games industry, social gaming juggernaut Zynga has bought OMGPOP, makers of the recent mobile hit Draw Something for a reported US$200 million (AU$191 million).

Draw Something has been phenomenally successful, reportedly making its developer US$250,000 per day on iOS alone, even after Apple’s 30% cut. OMGPOP have stated that the purchase will allow the company to improve the game much quicker than before, adding features such as a photo gallery and in-game chat. What won’t be changing is the game’s name. OMGPOP have made it clear that they won’t be rebranding the game to match Zynga’s “With Friends” branding.

The purchase is one of more than fourteen companies that Zynga has bought in the past couple of years, with previous acquisitions including Newtoy, the makers of Words With Friends.