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There Are Now Three Likely Dates That The Xbox Series X Will Release On

Pokemon Go Fanatics
Pokemon Go Fanatics

While there has been much speculation on when the Xbox Series X will launch, there’s always a few constants when it comes to release timeframes. One of these is that we’ve previously spoken about is ‘Holiday’ console launches always really meaning ‘before Black Friday’. Now, we have some more explicit information as well, thanks to a question posed by Bloomberg journalist Dina Bass and answered by Microsoft CFO Amy Hood during Microsoft’s Q4 financial briefing today.

Bass asked during the earnings call today if the ‘New Xbox’ was still on teach to launch in the November Holidays, with Hood answering with a simple ‘yes’. What does mean? We’ve now got a much slimmer timeframe in which the Xbox Series X will launch, with a few possibilities below.

Counting that the most recent console launches all occurred on a Friday (allowing for the launch to be a full weekend of play), happen prior to Black Friday and we know it’s in November, we have three possible dates the Xbox Series X is likely to release on: November 6th, November 13th and November 20th.

Of these three possible Xbox Series X release dates, two in particular are significant. Specially, November 13th and 20th. For those Halo fans out there, you might recognise that November 15th, which would be the Sunday after a November 13th launch, is the anniversary of the release of Halo: Combat Evolved. What better way to release a console expected to launch with a new Halo game than to do so on the franchise’s anniversary weekend?

The other significant option is November 20th, because that’s just a couple of days after some absolutely major games launch. What better way to pad out a release line up than the best versions of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Cyberpunk 2077 (via backwards compatibility)?

Personally, if we were Microsoft, we’d go for the Halo anniversary weekend release date of November 13th, with the view that big game releases the next week will still continue to push sales of the console.

Either way, we’ve now got a much shorter timeframe for when the Xbox Series X release date is likely to fall, so if you’re interested in it, start targeting November as the time to have your funds together. If you’re interested in seeing what is coming to Xbox Series X, stay tuned for our coverage of tonight’s Xbox Series X Games Showcase or check our predictions for the event here.

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