Xbox One Preview Program rebranded as Insider program

November 8, 2016

Microsoft has announced today that they will be rebranding their Xbox Preview program, changing it to the Xbox Insider program.

The program will still allow members to preview upcoming Xbox One dashboard releases, provide feedback and request features. It will also be expanded to offer more content, including early access to selected games and apps, and personalised quests and announcements. There will be a new UI, making it easier to provide more robust feedback. For those that like tracking their stats, users will also have a profile card which highlights their contributions and brings them “front and centre”. Support for multiple users on the same console will also be added.

Previously, users could only be invited to the program by other Preview members, but Xbox Insider will be open to all. It will slowly be rolled out to Preview members over the next few weeks, with more active users getting first priority. It is unconfirmed when there will be a wider release for all Xbox One users.