Xbox One backwards compatibility, new controller, and partnership with Valve announced

June 16, 2015

Microsoft has announced at their E3 conference that the Xbox One will be backwards compatible with Xbox 360 games.

The 360 games will run natively on the Xbox One console, with the intent that if you already own the retail or digital version you won’t have to re-purchase it. Developers will need to approve their game for backwards compatibility, but otherwise the list of compatible titles should grow rapidly. A demo of Mass Effect was shown, with added Xbox One features including the ability to take screenshots and record DVR. Xbox One Preview members will be able to try out the feature later today.

The leaked Xbox One controller redesign was also officially announced. Dubbed the Elite Controller, it will feature trigger locks, paddles for in-game driving, swappable components, and customisable sensitivity for the controller’s triggers and thumbstick. The controller should be available by Q3 this year, but pricing was not revealed.

Microsoft also noted that they had reached a partnership agreement with Valve. Valve’s Oculus Rift device will be bundled with an Xbox One controller, and Xbox One games will also be playable using the VR device.