Xbox Live Games with Gold November 2019 freebies announced

October 31, 2019

Xbox Live’s Major Nelson has announced November 2019’s Games with Gold freebies.

For Xbox One, Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter will be available to download for the entire month and The Final Station will be available 16th November to 15th December. For Xbox Original Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter will be available from 1-15 November. For Xbox 360, Joy Ride Turbo will be available from 16-30 November.

Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter is an adventure video game where players investigate crime scenes and explore Victorian London, piecing together clues to solve cases. The game features five different cases, with Holmes himself having to confront dark secrets surrounding his own adoptive daughter.

The Final Station is a shooting game set in a post apocalyptic world. You operate a train transporting survivors and must keep them safe from the infected. You will not only have to shoot and kill any infected you encounter at stations but also ensure you heal and feed your passengers.

Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter is set shortly before and during Attack of the Clones. It’s a space combat game where Jedi Master Adi Gallia is sent to investigate mysterious activity by the Trade Federation. Missions will see you escorting other starships and shooting down enemy fighters. When piloting the Jedi Starfighter you will also be able to utilise Force weapons.

Joy Ride Turbo is a kart racer and sequel to Kinect Joy Ride, minus the Kinect functionality. Players drive as their avatar against seven other competitors, with tracks featuring multiple pathways. You can perform tricks when airborne and also compete in online multiplayer races.