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E3 2017: Xbox Avatars getting Disney-style Revamp in Spring

Xbox today revealed on the E3 2017 show floor that a new avatar system is set to replace the existing one in a larger update this Spring.

The new avatars with their big eyes and small noses remind us of Frozen, and other Disney style characters. No information has been given as to how your current Avatar will transition across to the new format, but we expect Microsoft is working hard to ensure it all goes smoothly on launch.

Check out the official E3 2017 Xbox Avatars reveal trailer below:


The Xbox Avatars are universally used across the Xbox 360, Xbox One and Windows 10 platforms. It remains to be seen whether they will have a 4K version for the Xbox One X, which releases November 7, 2017.

For more on Xbox Avatars and E3 2017, be sure to check back at Rocket Chainsaw as we work tirelessly to bring you show floor news and hands-on impressions of all the latest games.

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