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Blizzard Looks to Remove WoW Classic Queue Times

WoW Classic Launch
WoW Classic Launch

We’re all experiencing it, whether you’re a PVP or PVE player, there’s a WoW Classic queue position with your name on it. If you’re an Oceanic player (which we assume most of you are if you’ve found your way to Rocket Chainsaw) then look no further than Arugal for the most lengthy queues of all, stretching 4-5 hours long on launch day and easing to about two hours, while Remulos has minor queues during peak.

The second PVP server that appeared in the hours after launch Yojamba experiences up to 30 minute queues in peak times, while the third PVP server added late on launch night remains at a low population for now. Blizzard has today revealed that they will be attempting to free up WoW Classic queue times however, by allowing more players to be logged in on each and every server.

The official statement was made by Kaivax, a community manager on the official Blizzard forums and states Blizzard “are substantially increasing the number of players that can be simultaneously logged in and playing. We expect this to result in smaller queues for realms that have large queues, and some realms should no longer have queues at all.Read the full post here.

WoW Classic Queue

The affect this will have on overall server congestion and early levelling zones remains to be seen, but at least players that reserved character names on the higher population servers should now get a shorter queue when attempting to play the game.

What has your WoW Classic queue experience been like? Let us know on our social media channels, as well as what class/race and server you’re playing on!

WoW Classic launched at 8AM on the 27th of August. Check here for our full release date reveal write-up, and for more information head to the official WoW Classic website.

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