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WoW Classic Launch: A Game of Queues

The WoW Classic launch has arrived and players across all regions are facing queues on the majority of servers Blizzard has provided.

We logged on just before 8AM AEST this morning to begin our WoW Classic journey on the Oceanic servers Arugal and Remulos, and found Arugal had a queue of about 1,400 fellow WoW players and a wait time of just under two hours. Off to Remulos we went, and while it said the server had a low population, Elwynn Forest was packed, Durotar was packed, even Teldrassil home of the Night Elves was packed.

It seems the WoW Classic launch is a huge success thus far for Blizzard, though players are feeling the pain, particularly those with lifestyles that don’t allow for waiting in lengthy queues to join the game.

WoW Classic Launch

Relief arrived for Oceanic servers at around 11AM AEST as a new PVP server Yojamba wildly appeared. Blizzard now has options for the Oceanic servers and it’s looking like the three servers will be able to cater to the WoW Classic launch period. Once things settle down, Yojamba could simply be merged back in to Arugal, or if the populations on both servers are high enough then they will run them side by side, and the servers could build a fierce rivalry in the battle to see who produces the first High Warlord and Grand Marshal.

Stay tuned to Rocket Chainsaw as we bring you more from the WoW Classic launch and look forward to producing a review of the overall launch experience, and phase one of Blizzard’s rollout of WoW Classic. It’s hard to call yourself a WoW expert, but we’ve got plenty of experience in vanilla in both PVP and PVE action, so we’re looking forward to tearing through Dire Maul and Scarlet Monastery as we move forward to Molten Core and battlegrounds Warsung Gulch and Arathi Basin. Who’s up for some AV at level 51? Let us know in our social media comments!

WoW Classic Launch

WoW Classic launched at 8AM on the 27th of August. Check here for our full release date reveal write-up, and for more information head to the official WoW Classic website.

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