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WoW Classic Character Creation Restrictions Ease At Launch

Blizzard has today announced that WoW Classic character creation restrictions will ease at launch, giving players more flexibility for creating characters across the globally expanding WoW Classic servers.

Players are currently able to reserve just three character names, however at launch everyone will be able to do the normal 10 characters per server and/or 50 characters across all servers, the same as what’s possible in the main game, giving players a whopping 100 characters overall.

There are also new servers coming for both EU and US regions, however nothing has been announced for WoW Classic Oceanic servers, limiting Australians and Kiwis to choose between just two, one PVP (Arugal)  and one Normal (Remulos).

WoW Classic Character

The EU region will receive four new PVP servers and one Normal, while the US region can expect two new PVP and two new Normal servers. Blizzard is warning fans to expect queues in any server currently showing high or full populations, meaning Aussie players will almost certainly be facing queues on the PVP server Arugal. How this may affect your WoW Classic character creation experience and overall launch gameplay remains to be seen, though Blizzard has learnt a lot over the past 15 years and have proven to be very capable of creating more supply and allowing free character transfers to new servers.

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WoW Classic will officially launch in Australia at 8AM on the 27th of August. Check here for our full release date reveal write-up, and for more information head to the official WoW Classic website.

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