World of Warcraft Rise of Azshara Coming Next Week

June 19, 2019

World of Warcraft Rise of Azshara is a huge update for the Battle for Azeroth expansion, launching early next week. The update will include two new zones, a new largescale dungeon, a raid, and big changes to the Azerite system.

The World of Warcraft Rise of Azshara update is free for everyone playing the latest expansion with an active subscription. Fans have been waiting for some much needed changes since a somewhat mediocre launch of Battle for Azeroth, the game’s sixth expansion.

The Queen of Tides herself, Queen Azshara, finally makes an appearance in the World of Warcraft game and as usual with all Warcraft bosses announces that SHE has in fact been waiting for YOU for the past fifteen years since the game launched in November 2004. The Naga have always been an active threat in WoW, and some have even suggested the race could be added as a third faction at some stage. Perhaps this update is a precursor for things to come.

Watch the official World of Warcraft Rise of Azshara Features Trailer below:


Something sinister churns beneath the waves—the Queen of Tides’ return is imminent! Rise of Azshara, the next major Battle for Azeroth content update goes live June 25 and is packed with many new features, including the addition of Essences to the Heart of Azeroth system; two new zones to explore, Nazjatar and Mechagon; Heritage Armor for tauren and gnomes; new Benthic gear; a raid that takes players into the depths of Azshara’s Eternal Palace; and much more.

With World of Warcraft Classic heavily into beta mode and a release date less than two months away, Blizzard is pulling out all the stocks to bring fans back to the iconic MMORPG.

Blizzard was absent from E3 2019 last week, with the company usually avoiding the fiasco and choosing to make its big announcements at the annual BlizzCon which takes place in November.

World of Warcraft Rise of Azshara will launch on Tuesday, June 25th on Windows PC and Mac. For more info head to the official World of Warcraft website.