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World of Tanks: Mercenaries now available on Consoles

Mid-week, World of Tanks launched the biggest update to its console release, World of Tanks: Mercenaries as a free download on PS4, Xbox One and Xbox 360 for players with copies of the base game.

Mercenaries introduces a new core concept to World of Tanks, with a new storyline and setting based around a reality where World War II never ended, leaving society split and the survivors fighting amongst themselves, becoming mercenaries  (aha!) and building their own vehicles from the parts of those abandoned on the battlefield.

The new makeover introduces not only new remixed vehicles, but new remixed fan-favourite maps, a new Mercenary ‘nation’ and Tech Tree, a new ‘Contract’ system to earn vehicles from completing in-game objectives, and new Mercenary crews, with their own stories and playstyles.

A brand new campaign, ‘War Stories’ has also been added, part of which has been laid out in the press release:

The Heist’ is an action-packed tale of espionage, nuclear tensions, and adrenaline-fueled tank battles where you follow a motley crew of Mercenaries who have been hired to set up, execute, and escape from a raid on a secret facility. Their mission, should they choose to accept it, is to steal nuclear material for a client who harbours his own atomic ambitions. However, the crew soon find themselves at the mercy of the combined powers of the United States and the Soviet Union. Journey into danger with The Collector, Don Quixote, and Borscht, and see if they can make it out alive with a paycheck in hand! Players can tackle this story alone (like a true Mercenary), or band together with a friend for co-operative online multiplayer action.

More Mercenaries content is expected to be added in the coming weeks, including new additions to the Tech Tree, new maps, new Crews and new in-game events.

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