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WiiU Production Ending Soon

It’s been a tumultuous few weeks for three Nintendo WiiU after Eurogamer published a rumour earlier this month that production of the console was officially stopping. Nintendo vehemently denied this in an interview with IT Media (translation courtesy of Siliconera), stating that they had no plans to end production of the beleaguered console.

Now, Nintendo of Japan’s website has been updated to advise that production of two WiiU bundles will be ending soon (originally posted by Kotaku).

While this may sound like Nintendo are just trimming the fat and lowering rhe number of bundles they offer in Japan, these two bundles make up their entire WiiU console portfolio in the country.

While there is still the potential that Nintendo may come out with a new bundle option and continue producing the console, this is unlikely with the Nintendo Switch out in March and no Nintendo developed games seemingly coming to the console anymore.

It seems we truly are reaching the end of an era and we’ll make sure to keep you updated as any further news becomes available.

Update: Nintendo of America has now confirmed to Game Informer that shipments of the WiiU to North America have now been stopped. This is in addition to the confirmation of Japanese shipments ending.


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