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Welcome To The World Of LOST SPHEAR

Square Enix have today released a trailer for Tokyo RPG Factory’s upcoming sophomore effort, Lost Sphear, giving an in-depth look at the gameplay you can expect to find when you jump into the game on January 23rd, 2018.

The ‘Welcome to the World of LOST SPHEAR’ gameplay trailer introduces you to the world of LOST SPHEAR, showing off the game’s turn-based combat system, as well as a mechanised suit of armour that can be used in battle. The Vulcosuit enhances Katana and his companions strength and abilities, inside and outside of battle, giving them a boost, while also allowing them to access the Paradigm Drive – an ability which allows the player to exert a powerful force on the battlefield and overwhelm foes.

LOST SPHEAR releases digitally on Nintendo Switch, PC and PlayStation 4 on January 23rd, so make sure to check out the new trailer below while you wait!


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