Welcome to Rocket Chainsaw Beta!

February 23, 2012

Hello, champions of fine internet taste, and welcome to this beta version of Rocket Chainsaw!

If the name has led you to believe that we will be supplying unnecessarily projectile power tools for low prices, I apologise, because Rocket Chainsaw is really the newest website for Australian video game news, enjoyably opinionated reviews, intriguing previews and thought-provoking features, along with the occasional cheeky competition.

To start off the proceedings, we have a talented crew of writers providing content for your delectation. Our names are: Anthony Capone, Bev Chen, Adam Ghiggino, Cody Giunta, Michael Kontoudis and Jarrod Mawson.

It’s all early days of course, which is why we’re in ‘beta’ right now. If things don’t work, or look as lovely as they should, let us know in our community forums, led by community manager Denny Markovic!

We will be looking for new writers too, so if you think you have what it takes then drop me a line at recruitment@rocketchainsaw.com.au. We’ll be looking at candidates aged 18 years or older, with a strong proficiency in English, along with an interest in all gaming platforms and the willingness to work in a team. If you’re interested, send me a resume and writing sample (including a 200 word, properly sourced, news article and 1000 word review) along with your application. Please note that at this stage we cannot provide financial remuneration, but there are all kinds of perks to getting a foot in the industry’s door, especially when you’re writing for a site that has both the words ‘Chainsaw’ and ‘Rocket’ in its title.

We hope you enjoy the range of video game-related content we’ll be bringing you shortly, and thanks to everyone who has helped us blast off!