E3 2018: Warframe The Sacrifice DLC Announced

June 12, 2018

Popular co-operative online 3rd person shooter Warframe is adding some more content this month with a newly announced DLC named Warframe The Sacrifice. The new DLC will add more story with a new character called Umbra that brings new gear and customisation options with him.

Although Warframe was not featured in any of the E3 2018 press conferences, developer Digital Extremes has chosen this week to reveal the new DLC, announcing it will be coming to Windows PC via Steam sooner than you may think.

Watch the official E3 2018 Waframe The Sacrifice ‘Umbra’ DLC announcement trailer below:


Unmask the truth in The Sacrifice, the mind-bending new chapter in the cinematic storyline. Umbra leaps from the shadows, and he brings with him new gear, new Customizations, new exclusive Twitch Drops and the first part of our UI update.

Major expansion Plains of Eidolon launched in October 2017 changing Warframe forever, and since then the community has continued to grow, consistently placing in the top 10 on steamcharts.com ahead of Rocket League and Team Fortress 2.

Warframe The Sacrifice will be released on Windows PC this week via Steam, with Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions launching soon after. For more information on Warframe including how to get started in the free-to-play game, head to the official website here.