Valve adds tagging to Steam games

February 13, 2014

Ever wish you could find more of a particular type of game on Steam without having to rely on Steam’s rather inadequate search system? With Valve’s new update to Steam, Steam Tags, now you can. Valve has added the ability to ‘tag’ Steam games with practically whatever you can think of, making it easier for users to find similarly-themed games.

Users can now add their own, original tags to a game via the game’s store page or use the popular tags for inspiration. Picking tags other users have already used to describe the game will bump it further up the list of popular tags. Steam has also made it easier to refine how to search within tag categories and allows users to define operating system, feature (e.g. achievements, Steam Cloud, etc.) or category (e.g. single-player games).

The change has also added a couple of categories to the Steam store interface. Users can now browse by popular tags under the ‘Games’ menu, or for more personalised options, can check out the newly-added ‘For You’ section on the navigation bar. There, users can see recommendations based on games popular with friends and based on games similarly-tagged to what they have been playing recently.

Steam Tags is currently in Beta, but so far it seems great for Steam’s usability. Have you discovered any new games using Steam Tags? Let us know in the comments below!