Tuesday Gaming News – 22/10/13

October 22, 2013

  • The next game in the Alien series is rumoured to star Ellen Ripley’s daughter Amanda who lived and died while Ellen was frozen in space. The game itself is called Alien: Isolation and is being developed by Creative Assembly (Total War).
  • Nintendo’s demon console, otherwise known as the Wii, has officially ended production.
  • This video confirms that the Dual Shock 4 can be used on the PS3, but with limited functionality.
  • Nintendo are currently working on a fix for the game breaking bug in Pokemon X & Y. The bug triggers when saving in certain areas of Limousine City, but until the fix is released Nintendo have created this map showing safe places to save… can you read Japanese?


  • WWE 2k14 has a bunch of additional content planned, including extra wrestlers from NWO. The only thing is you’ll need to fork out around $20 for the season pass to get them.

  • Battlefield 4 has a new TV spot. Check it out below…