Tuesday Gaming News – 01/10/2013

October 1, 2013

  • In an interview with Eurogamer, Guillaume Voghel revealed that Batman: Arkham Origins has a perma-death difficulty mode. ‘I Am The Knight’ will allow players to save their game but saves will disappear upon death. Voghel also revealed some interesting DLC news, which includes a single player campaign where “you play as Bruce Wayne learning to be a ninja”. Awesome.
  • GTAV online kicks off tonight, which will support up to sixteen players at one time. Rockstar have planned a gradual release in order to stay on top of maintenance however, which means tonights release won’t be the complete package.
  • According to a Reuters/Ipsos poll, Sony’s PS4 is currently winning the popularity race in the US, with 26 percent of the 1,297 people surveyed saying they will purchase a PS4 while only 15 percent have favoured the XbOne. Speaking to Eurogamer, Sony UK managing director Fergal Gara says the PS4 has “com[e] out of the blocks in a strong position” but they are well aware that “the format war is a marathon, not a sprint”.

  • The XbOne’s Kinect can detect and understand two voices at once, Microsoft’s Phil Harrison told Polygon at today’s Eurogamer Expo in London. But apparently that’s only one of the sensor’s arsenal of new tricks: including the ability to sense 25 joints between six different people, estimate heart rates, recognise who is using what controller and last but not least map faces to 1,400 points. Move over Videodrometechno fear is back, and it’s truly frightening.
  • The 13 year old console ban has been lifted in China, which essentially means the games world just got a whole lot bigger.
  • The latest WiiU update has dropped, changes include: Wii games now being playable on the GamePad, USB Keyboard support, a dedicated Friend List, and communication via a headset plugged directly into the GamePad.
  • And finally, we’ll leave you with some new co-op footage for Dark Souls II.