Tropico 6 coming to consoles on 27 September

July 17, 2019

Originally slated for release Summer (or Winter in Australia), Kalypso Media has announced Tropico 6 will be making its way to PS4 and Xbox One on 27th September this year.

Tropico 6 is a management strategy game where players run their very own dictatorship and manage a tropical island. You can claim independence from a ruling nation, import and export goods and ensure the well being of your island inhabitants. New to the series is the ability to build bridges across multiple islands on a map, providing faster access to natural resources and spreading out farms and like.

El Presidente has been quite busy running their dictatorship since the game’s original release on PC in March this year. Over the last few months Tropico 6 has received a steady flow of patches that fix numerous bugs, tweak gameplay balance and implement general improvements which have been made based on feedback from the game’s community.

A Game Preview version is currently available to purchase and download on Xbox One. Owners will be automatically upgraded to the final version once it is officially released.