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Tokyo RPG Factory Announces Lost Sphear for PC, PS4 and Switch

After the success of I Am Setsuna last year, Tokyo RPG Factory has announced the second new IP to come from the studio, Lost Sphear. Barring a striking resemblance to I Am SetsunaLost Sphear will be another highly personal story presented as a top-down RPG.

Lost Sphear follows a young boy named Kanata, who has awoken from a devastating dream to find his hometown gradually disappearing around him. This small town is where his journey will begin, as he sets out with his comrades to rebuild the world around them with the power of Memory to stop it from being lost forever.

The game will feature a newly revamped ATB system, building on I Am Setsuna before it, where players can strategise and freely re-position characters mid-fight, as well as seamless environments and a variety of locations to explore.

Lost Sphear will arrive in early 2018 for Nintendo Switch, PC and PlayStation 4. In the meantime, check out the announcement trailer below.


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