The World Ends With You Finally Gets A Sequel

November 24, 2020

Yes, you read that right. After over a decade of waiting, a decade of hops and dreams, of false alarms and disappointment, The World Ends With You is finally getting a sequel. And it’s coming soon to PS4 and Switch.

Titled NEO: The World Ends With You, the sequel has you once again returning to Shibuya and battling in the Reaper’s Game. There’s a new cast of characters competing for survival this time, with a very familiar looking 2D cutscene style being used to tell their story. Outside of those cutscenes, Shibuya looks significantly different to what we saw in the past.

The move to the PS4 and Switch, instead of the Nintendo DS means that there’s significantly more horsepower to use. Taking advantage of that means that the game has shifted into a 3D action adventure, with a colourful art style that is still immediately recognisable as The World Ends With You. We only got a few small glimpses of gameplay throughout the announcement trailer, but it looks like we won’t need to worry about translating dual-screen gameplay to a single screen this time, unlike in the Switch rerelease of the original game.

NEO: The World Ends With You is scheduled for release in Winter of 2021 for PS4 and Switch. For more information, check the official website.