The Quarry is Supermassive’s new game with 2K

March 18, 2022

Teased yesterday, 2K and Supermassive Games have finally released full details about their upcoming new project, a new horror adventure that in many ways looks like the follow-up fans of Until Dawn have been waiting for. The Quarry is a new ‘Teen-Horror Narrative’, set for release on 10 June, 2022 on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One.

Supermassive has been churning out Dark Pictures Anthology episodic games for the past few years, and like both those games and Until DawnThe Quarry features a cast of Hollywood actors, many who already have horror credentials, including David Arquette, Ariel Winter, Justice Smith, Brenda Song, Lance Henriksen and Lin Shaye.

Sharing similar narrative gameplay to Supermassive’s other games, where the game plays out much like an interactive movie, and their decisions influence the general path of the story as well as the fates of the characters, The Quarry will also feature online multiplayer, with up to 7 friends online (albeit restricted to the same PlayStation/Xbox generation only) able to vote on decisions in the story. Likewise, a couch co-op mode allows players to swap control between themselves whenever a particular character’s section comes up.

The Quarry seems to continue their trend of being inspired by big horror movie franchises, particularly as the setting of a summer camp elicits names like Friday the 13th. The game’s official synopsis is below

As the sun sets on the last day of summer camp, the teenage counselors of Hackett’s Quarry throw a party to celebrate. No kids. No adults. No rules.

Things quickly take a turn for the worse.

Hunted by blood-drenched locals and something far more sinister, the teens’ party plans unravel into an unpredictable night of horror. Friendly banter and flirtations give way to life-or-death decisions, as relationships build or break under the strain of unimaginable choices.

Play as each of the nine camp counselors in a thrilling cinematic tale, where every decision shapes your unique story from a tangled web of possibilities. Any character can be the star of the show – or die before daylight comes.

How will your story unfold?

There are two editions planned, a Standard Edition and Deluxe Edition. The Standard Edition will be released both physically and digitally for all platforms except PC (which will be via Steam), while the Deluxe Edition is digital-only and includes the full game (with both next-gen and current-gen versions of the game), a ‘Gorefest Movie Mode’ option which lets players sit back and enjoy a gorier guided version of The Quarry, instant access to the Death Rewind mechanic (which ordinarily only unlocks after a first playthrough), a Horror History Visual Filter pack and 80’s themed character outfits, delivered automatically in-game on 8 July, 2022.

You can check out the announcement trailer below: