The Medium Is A Timed Exclusive For Xbox Series X

July 24, 2020

When The Medium was announced by Bloober Team as part of the May Inside Xbox episode, the game was officially confirmed for PC and Xbox Series X, but was technically not confirmed as a permanent exclusive for the platform. We’ve now gotten confirmation as part of tonight’s Xbox Games Showcase that the game is, in fact, a console launch exclusive.

What does the term ‘console launch exclusive’ mean? It means that the game won’t be permanently held off other platforms, and will instead be only held off temporarily. This means that in all likelihood, the game will make its way to PlayStation 5 at some point after launch, probably in about 6-12 months. This was confirmed with a little title graphic before the game was shown off during tonight’s Xbox Games Showcase, but isn’t mentioned in the official Xbox News Wire post about the game.

For those who haven’t seen or heard of The Medium before, the game is a psychological horror game about a Medium who can see the spirit world as well as the physical world. Bloober Team have patented a brand new gameplay system as part of this, which allows both worlds to be rendered and visualised at the same time, although we have yet to get a good look at that as yet.

The Medium will launch for PC and Xbox Series X first, with other versions coming later.