Posted May 20, 2021 by Andrew Cathie in Feature

The Last of Us Part II Got a 60 FPS Patch on PS5 Today

There’s no doubt that The Last of Us Part II was one of the best games last year. Coming in right towards the back end of the generation, much like it’s predecessor, the game was also one of the most technically impressive games of the generation. We’ve been waiting to see if The Last of Us Part II would receive a free 60 FPS patch like Ghost of Tsushima or a re-release like The Last of Us Remastered and now we have our answer.

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Available to download and install right now, patch 1.08 of The Last of Us Part II enables a 30/60 FPS toggle in the display settings. There’s no specifics on how close it sticks to 60 FPS in the patch itself, but PlayStation did call out that the boost in FPS would work in tandem with the standard backwards compatibility features. This means the dynamic resolution of the game will stick to its higher bounds more often and load times will be shortened. It seems like that’s where the improvements begin and end, but this also points to even better playability for those jumping in for the first time or looking for a reason to do a second playthrough of the game.

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