The First Xbox Series X Unboxing Video Is Here

October 13, 2020

Pokemon Go Fanatics

We’re officially less than one month away from both the Xbox Series X|S and the PlayStation 5 launching, and it seems that more and more preview coverage is appearing in the wild. We’ve had plenty of looks at games now, along with looks at load times, but what we haven’t seen a whole lot of is the packaging of the console itself. Now, we have our first Xbox Series X unboxing video from a Youtuber that has since been deleted, obviously for breaching the embargo they agreed to given no other sites with preview or review units have performed unboxings so far.

Now immortalised on Streamable, the video gives us a glimpse inside the box of the Xbox Series X and what we can expect to see when we open our consoles in November and beyond. Given the monolithic design of the Xbox Series X, the box is split a little differently than what we’ve seen in the past, with the console fully housed in the forwards half and cables/controllers sitting behind it. Normally, you generally see the console/cables sitting on top of each other in boxes.

Unfortunately, as the original Youtube video has since been deleted, we aren’t able to credit the original creator of this Xbox Series X unboxing video as we don’t know who they are, but you can check it out below via the Streamable version that was uploaded in this thread on Resetera.