The DiRT 5 2.00 Patch Is Here On PC, PlayStation and Xbox

December 23, 2020

While DiRT 5 was a great looking game on all platforms at release, there were a few specific issues that held the game back a little bit, like a geometry bug on Xbox Series X|S when running at 120fps. Now, right as Christmas begins to descend upon us, Codemasters has released a big new update for the game.

One of the bigger fixes in the patch is the correction of that geometry bug that was present in DiRT 5 on Xbox Series X|S. That means the game now uses full detail models in that mode, as it also does on the PS5. There’s also been fixes for flickering lights during night time events, as well as visual and performance improvements on next gen platforms and frame rate improvements for the Improve Quality mode on current gen hardware.

On the bug front, multiple different crashes have been fixed, including a couple in career mode and one that occurred during split screen play. Issues with trophies not unlocking on PS5 and the Amplified Edition not correctly unlocking all contents have also been sorted out by this patch.

If you want to check out the entire list of updates as part of this update head over here and if you’re interested in how DiRT 5 is, check out our Xbox One X review here and our Xbox Series X impressions here.