Get Wet & Muddy in The Crew 2 Gator Rush Expansion

August 24, 2018

The Crew 2 Gator Rush

Ubisoft has just released a GamesCom 2018 trailer for The Crew 2 Gator Rush, the first free expansion for the game which launched two months ago. It was announced just before the game’s release that all expansion content will be free for The Crew 2, however Season Pass owners will have early access.

The Crew 2 Gator Rush will be full of hovercraft racing, and players will also find other vehicles added periodically such as buggies and other off-road cars. Hovercraft are not new to The Crew 2, with the first hovercraft being available in the base game for players that reached the Ultimate level in the off-road division.

Watch the official The Crew 2 Gator Rush “Welcome to Gator Rush” Gamescom 2018 trailer below:


In the heart of the southern swamps, the Off-Road family has found a brand-new way to impact nature while having a blast with hovercraft races with the Gator Rush discipline! Behind the wheel of these air-cushion rockets, both water and land make the perfect surface to slide and speed while bouncing off obstacles and competitors. Racers can discover unique vehicle handling, master the most varied terrains, and be part of a new wave of champions!

The Crew 2 Gator Rush will be available on September 30 for Season Pass owners, and will become free for all players a week later on September 26.

Rocket Chainsaw reviewed The Crew 2 at launch, giving it 3.5 stars, calling it “a solid package at launch that will keep you entertained for countless hours. While the main career can be completed in around 15-20 hours, the end-game Icon leveling system will keep hardcore fans going for a long time.

The Crew 2 is available on Windows PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 platforms. For more information on The Crew 2 Gator Rush, head to the official website here.