The Borderlands Show 8 Reveals Final Forms

October 30, 2020

2K AND GEARBOX SOFTWARE have today released episode 8 of The Borderlands Show, revealing more information about Season 2 of Borderlands 3 which includes the Designer’s Cut launching on November 10 (yes, that’s when the Xbox Series X|S launches) and the Director’s Cut in early 2021.

While we already learnt a bit about the Designer’s Cut earlier this month with the new Arms Race mode revealed, 2K has today revealed the Multiverse Final Form cosmetics packs which will make your Borderlands 3 characters look totally amazing! Unlike previous cosmetics add-ons, these new Multiverse Final Form cosmetics packs will implement four entirely new character models, depicting how each Vault Hunter may have looked in an alternate universe where they lived a different life.

UPDATE: The Borderlands Show Episode 8 is now live, watch it below:


On this episode of The Borderlands Show, Greg and Fran unveil the upcoming Ultimate Edition, get a first look at the Multiverse Final Form cosmetics, and show off new Arms Race gameplay that’s coming to Borderlands 3 on November 10 as part of the Designer’s Cut add-on!

If you don’t have time to watch the full episode, here’s a compressed five minute video running you through all the essential announcements for the upcoming Borderlands 3 update:


🔫 Arms Race

🌲 New skill trees

➕ And lots more!

The latest Borderlands Show was 🔥.

Here’s everything that was covered in 5 minutes! 👀 

We also got some exclusive artwork of the new Vault Hunter Final Form character models, which you can view in a convenient gallery here:

Also planned for Season 2 is a new skill tree for each of the four Vault Hunters. Head to the official Borderlands 3 Youtube Channel to learn more about each one!

Rocket Chainsaw recently released the third and final DLC chapter in Season 1 of Borderlands 3 which was aptly named Psycho Krieg and the Fantastic Fustercluck. We gave it three stars, stating that “while it has a couple of memorable missions and environments that could only be imagined inside the mind of a psycho, there was very little exploration, dull side missions, no new enemies, and mostly boring boss fights.

Arms Race looks to shake things up in Borderlands 3 however, providing an entirely new way to play where your Vault Hunter is dropped onto an island and has to race against the clock to grab the best gear you can find while you work your way to the extraction point before an encroaching storm obliterates you. The new Arms Race will come with a final boss named Heavyweight Harker which will be located in the Stormblind Complex and offer the best legendary loot, but Gearbox has told us that it won’t be necessary to take him out each time you visit the island if you’re running out of time.

Check out seven brand new Borderlands 3 Arms Race screenshots:

Players will have the ability to ressurect fallen co-op allies at respawn points making it far better to play with friends online than to go it alone. Arms Race appears to be more about survival and making the most out of every gun that drops as opposed to the original Borderlands 3 where you may have been leaving rare and even epic guns behind.

Borderlands 3: Ultimate Edition and Borderlands 3 Next-Level Edition will launch on November 10, with the Next-Level Edition being exclusive to consoles. Lastly, don’t forget if you own Borderlands 3 on the current-generation consoles then you’ll automatically upgrade to the next-generation version when you link your account to the new console(s). For more information on Borderlands 3, head to the official website.