Posted June 27, 2020 by Andrew Cathie in Feature

Take To The Ocean In Animal Crossing: New Horizons Summer Update

It’s probably not surprising that Animal Crossing: New Horizons has sold an absolutely number of copies. Releasing on an uber popular platform, offering a wide open freedom and relaxation, and dropping right at the point that many countries were entering into forced isolation. It was the perfect storm. Now, Nintendo have continued to support the game with a myriad of updates, rolling out a variety of new events and content as the months have rolled by. The latest of these is the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Summer Update, which brings the ocean within your reach.

That’s right, thanks to the first Animal Crossing: New Horizons Summer update, gone are the days where your only interaction with the sea was to plop your fishing rod into it. Soon, you will be able to dive, swim and meet new friends under the seas. Once you grab a wetsuit you’ll be able to swim off the coast of your island and dive to catch sea creatures for Blathers and the museum.

There’s also new NPCs to meet, with Pascal occasionally appearing and ready to trade you some mermaid-themes recipes for some delicious scallops. A pirate that looks strikingly similar to Gulliver will now wash up on shore on occasion as well, ready to reward you for helping him out.

This Animal Crossing: New Horizons Summer update will be available to download on July 3rd, while there will be another as yet un-detailed update in August. So check out the trailer below or read our review of the game here.

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