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Playtonic tease next Yooka-Laylee update

Playtonic Games has posted a story on their website revealing that they’re hard at work on am update for Yooka-Laylee. The update is being refereed to as a “spit ‘n’ polish”, and seems to be aimed ...

Yooka-Laylee To Support Xbox Play Anywhere ‘Soon’

With only two days to go before Yooka-Laylee, a spiritual successor to Banjo-Kazooie which Joseph quite liked, Microsoft have quietly announced that the game will ‘soon’ support their Xbox Play Anywhere program. Wha...
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Yooka-Laylee Review

Since Microsoft’s acquisition of Rare in 2002, the company’s Banjo-Kazooie franchise has mostly been on hiatus. Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts did release in 2008, but was criticised for focusing on vehicle construction rather...


Yooka-Laylee multiplayer revealed

Team17 and Playtonic Games have revealed via a press release that Yooka-Laylee will feature local multiplayer arcade games and co-op play in the main campaign. There will be 8 unique arcade games in total, which can be found in...

Rocket Chainsaw’s Most Anticipated Games of 2017

2016 was an excellent year for high quality games, but now that the year is over it’s time to look forward to the games on the horizon. 2017 promises to be a massive year, due to a number of high profile games being delayed fro...

Yooka-Laylee Releases On April 11, Switch Version Coming

Playtonic Games have announced that the long-awaited spirtiual successor to Banjo-Kazooie, Yooka-Laylee, will be releasing both digitally and at retail on April 11th, 2017, with Kickstarter backers being given the option to upg...


Yooka-Laylee Physical Release Announced

Yooka-Laylee developers Playtonic Games have today confirmed that the game will be receiving a physical release when it comes out in Q1 2017. The original Kickstarter campaign for the Banjo-Kazooie spiritual successor only cont...

Yooka-Laylee Gamescom trailer released

Publisher Team 17 has released a brand new trailer for the upcoming Yooka-Laylee. The trailer showcases a few new abilities and transformations in the game, including a truck transformation and what appears to be a fart ability...

E3 2016: Check out this ID@Xbox montage

During their E3 2016 presentation, Microsoft showed off a montage reel of what’s coming soon to ID@Xbox. The highly anticipated Cuphead and Yooka-Laylee made an appearance, along with several other titles. The montage inc...


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