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Rocket Chainsaw’s Top 10 PlayStation Exclusives of the Generation

With the release of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X the next frontier of video games has begun: The Next Generation. With new technology ushering in a brand-new set of standards to measure games on, we’ll quickly leave behi...

Check out The Curator’s Cut for Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan

Bandai Namco has revealed The Curator’s Cut for the upcoming Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan. Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan is an interactive horror game that sees players assume the control of five characte...

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood coming to PlayStation VR

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood has been revealed during Sony’s media preview at Paris Games Week. The game will be a PlayStation VR title and is described as an on-rails “roller coaster ride [and] a shooter experience”. Rush of Bloo...


Until Dawn Review

In the first couple of hours I spent playing Until Dawn, uncovering the swathe of mysteries that were unfolding, one main question seemed to stay with me – ‘how does this exist?’ For all of the clearly impressive artistic work ...

Until Dawn Preview – E3 2015

We take a look at Supermassive Games' upcoming PS4 horror title.