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Xbox One

Maneater Xbox One Review

Sharks have long been respected as one of the apex predators of the ocean. Their sharp teeth, sonar abilities, speed and sheer power make them a ferocious beast that few dare approach. They command respect but are perhaps treat...

This Maneater Game Is Not About The Ladies

When you think of a Maneater game you would think it could be something to do with Nelly Furtado totally destroying every man in her path, but instead this Maneater game by Tripwire is entirely different. While the E3 2019 PC G...

Killing Floor 2 Launch Trailer is Super Violent

Tripwire Interactive today released Killing Floor 2 and with it the Killing Floor 2 launch trailer featuring all the blood, gore and violence you would expect in a game titled Killing Floor 2. The original Killing Floor launche...