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The Last Guardian Review – A Boy and His Dog

It’s been a surreal month for me, as I’ve had to go from reviewing one game that I never thought would see the light of day, in Final Fantasy XV, to another with The Last Guardian. Fumito Ueda’s third game, fo...

New The Last Guardian Trailer Now Showing at Cinemas

The creators of Shadows of the Colossus and Ico have today released a new The Last Guardian trailer, which could be shown in a cinema near you. The Last Guardian is a tale of a young boy meeting Trico, a giant feathered creatur...

The Last Guardian Gone Gold (Update!)

The following tweet no longer exists on Twitter, but for an hour it remained live. Jun Yoshino is a video game producer from Sony that has been working on the long-awaited The Last Guardian, and somewhat confirmed that the game...


Daily Gaming News – E3 2016 Roundup Part 2

Today's roundup is all about the trailers, catching up on some that you might have missed from E3, and one you definitely shouldn't miss!

E3 2016: New The Last Guardian trailer

Sony has released a brand new trailer for The Last Guardian. The game is looking visually more detailed than when we last saw it.  In The Last Guardian players control a small boy who befriends a giant guardian beast named Catw...

Rocket Chainsaw Staff Roundtable Volume 2 – E3 2015 Reflections

In the second Rocket Chainsaw Staff Roundtable, we reflect on E3 2015 and our favourite titles from the show.       ANTHONY: After attending E3 the last few years, the 2015 expo was undoubtedly the best for some ...


The Last Guardian coming to PS4

Sony opened their E3 conference by showing the first gameplay trailer for The Last Guardian. The video showed a boy calling to the guardian and encouraging him to travel a through a temple area. At various points during the tra...