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Christmas Crackers Week 1 – Win a Battlefield 1 Vest and Hat!

Christmas is a massive time for everyone involved and here at Rocket Chainsaw we want to give back to all of our readers who have helped us grow over the last year! Each week in December we will open a new christmas cracker and...

WIN Founders Packs or Fernando Onslaught Skins for Paladins!

The realm of free to play shooters is growing as the latest game from Hi-Rez Studios, the guys behind the successful SMITE MOBA, enters the market in a big way. With over 750,000 downloads already, Paladins has taken the market...

Praise the Overseer; Fallout Shelter for iOS Review.

Bethesda are known for creating incredibly addictive titles, and their new iOS offering Fallout Shelter has yet to prove to me otherwise.


New Games for EA Access E3 2015 – Microsoft Conference Recap

What new titles has EA decided to add to the EA access vault?

Microsoft Indie Titles Coming to Xbox One, from E3 2015.

Microsoft has shown us a generous selection of indie titles that will be soon making their way to your Xbox One consoles, at E3 2015.

BattleCry E32015 – Bethesda Conference Recap

Bethesda announced during their E32015 conference that BattleCry is now accepting global registration for their beta later on this year.


The Elder Scrolls Legends E3 2015 – Conference Recap

Bethesda have announced their answer to Hearthstone during their E3 2015 conference – The Elder Scrolls Legends. And we're very excited.

Fallout 4 E32015 – Bethesda Conference Recap

Fallout 4 was clearly the favourite from Bethesda's E32015 conference. And to top that we get a nifty little iOS game too - Fallout Shelter.

Dishonored 2 announced

Dishonored 2 and Dishonored: Definitive Edition announced at E3.


Doom E3 2015 – Bethesda Conference Recap

Bethesda have completely blown us away with everything they've shown us of the new Doom at E3 2015.